Mountainbike out of the box

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by Uprising productions

MOUNTAIN BIKE Out of The Box IRAN is a mix of bike action movie, documentary and portrait. Unexpected. Authentic. Beyond the mainstream. Come join us on the road with Iran's downhill elite!

Shot in 2013 and 2014 in northern Iran, Mountain Bike Out of The Box IRAN is a mountain bike film about an exciting road trip with some extraordinary protagonists. We visit Hossein Zanjanian, Iran's best downhill rider in the mega-city of Tehran and accompany him and his friends to some of the best mountain bike locations in Iran.

We will see crazy bike action on the crowded streets of Tehran and technical trails in the enormous mountains around the capital. Dry high-speed trails in the west near Qazvin, as well as lushes green jungles in the north near Behshahr where a Downhill race hosted by the Iranian cycling federation will lead to the climax of the film.

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