China Jam

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by Evrard Wendenbaum

In their infinite quest for virgin big walls, Belgian adventurers and musicians Sean Villanueva O'Driscoll, Nicolas Favresse, Stephane Hanssens and their French teammate Evrard Wendenbaum, head in September 2013 to a remote valley in the westernmost region of China. There, after a week of exploration of the surrounding glaciers, they find a fantastic 1200m vertical pillar, culminating at 5842m. The hard work of carrying their gear done in 6 days, they finally spend 14 more days on the wall to achieve this amazing ascent opening a breathtaking freeclimbing route with a lot of humor and playing unreal musical jams even while facing wounds, snow storms and harsh conditions.
Why should you watch it ?
Because we believe China Jam is a fun and thrilling cinematic mountain ride filled with humor, music and great climbing. In other words it kicks ass!
In more detail, if you wish :
- to watch some nice climbing and a true alpine adventure,
- to discover a new mountain territory,
- to laugh out loud,
- to follow a crazy two weeks non-stop climbing experience in high altitude,
- or to sing along portaledge musical jams,
you're gonna love China Jam!

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